About us

The new benchmark in Sicily for the  world of beverage.


Cocktail catering, training of professional profiles, furniture , equipment, consultancy and BAR HIRE SERVICES. One brand, different fields and one main characteristic: excellence gained through experience.

Allcholica is an idea of Marco Fiore, a young man who moved from Catania to Rome to chase his own dream: be a professional bartender.

After becoming a successful trainer in one of the best schools of Italy, he decided to invest in his own city, bringing for the first time the art of the american bartending in Sicily.


We work in the Sicilian market of beverage, of which we are absolutely pioneers, dealing with everything is revolving around beverage.

  • Cocktail catering
  • Training courses for rookies or professionals
  • Consultancy
  • Design & bar furnishings
  • Selling of bar equipment
  • Bar Hire Services

We have the perfect formula for your club.

We deal with highly qualified professionals and we have important partnerships with the beverage industry. Thanks to our knowledge, we are able to find the right solution for all personal needs and budgets.